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Anti Vibration Gloves Manufacturer

Amsafe is your trusted supplier and manufacturer in China. Our wide expertise in anti vibration gloves production can fully support your business.

Throughout the over 15 years of history, we know well how to handle your requirements effectively.

  • One-time supply chain to guarantee low cost and quality
  • 5-10 Approaching styles research and design yearly
  • Offers both OBM and OEM services
  • Anti vibration gloves with 180-days warranty

Amsafe Anti Vibration Gloves: Exceptional Protection for Your Hands

  • The Science Behind Anti Vibration Gloves: These unique gloves minimize the harmful effects of vibration. As Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products, they are used to reduce the transmission of machine vibrations to workers’ hands. They can absorb a limited frequency range of vibration.
  • Amsafe’s Innovation: Amsafe designs anti vibration gloves to protect workers from absorbing vibrations from certain power tools. These gloves are typically made of resilient gel, rubber, or a foam-like material which effectively serve as a safety barrier.
  • Trust Amsafe: With broad expertise in producing hand protection items like anti vibration gloves, Amsafe is the trusted manufacturer you can rely on.
  • Certifications and Experience: Amsafe is SATAX, ISO, and BSCI certified, with a team of engineers boasting over 20 years of experience, ensuring top quality in every step of the manufacturing process.

For any additional concerns, feel free to contact Amsafe. Experience the exceptional protection our anti vibration gloves offer!

01 PVC-Padding-Anti-Vibration-Gloves

PVC Padding Anti Vibration Gloves offer exceptional protection against vibration absorption and dampening. These top-tier PPE gloves feature a resilient PVC padding for both safety and comfort.

02 Latex-Coated-Vibration-Proof-Gloves

Ideal for dry work, Latex Coated Vibration-Proof Gloves provide exceptional grip and vibration protection, serving industries like glass handling, scaffolding, and roofing assembly.

03 Leather-Anti-Vibration-Gloves

Leather Anti Vibration Gloves provide heat, flame, and impact resistance. Crafted from pure leather, they’re designed for tools operating between 50 to ~400 Hz.

04 Anti-Vibration-Gloves-With-Wrist-Support

Anti Vibration Gloves with Wrist Support boast full-length AVC palm padding, reducing vibration and impact. Plus, the built-in wrist support offers added comfort, preventing discomfort for wearers.

05 Fingerless-anti-vibration-gloves

Fingerless Anti Vibration Gloves provide exceptional dexterity compared to full-finger gloves, and leave fingers exposed. These unique PPE items are designed to protect against harmful vibrations.

06.Anti-vibration Gloves for WOrk Safety

Anti Vibration Gloves for Work Safety dampen vibrations, fit accurately, and are suitable for all environments, they are available in various colors to suit your style.

07 Anti-Vibration-Nitrile-Gloves

Anti Vibration Nitrile Gloves, with a synthetic rubber palm, absorb vibrations and are ergonomic. They help prevent Raynaud’s Syndrome and related injuries.

08 Shock-Absorbent-Gloves

Shock Absorbent Gloves, made from 45% Nylon and 50% Cotton, are designed to minimize vibration and impact effects. With added shock-absorbing pads, they ensure extra safety.

09 Impact-Resistant-Anti-Vibration-Gloves

Impact-resistant anti vibration gloves, made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR), distribute impact force for workers’ safety. These gloves are cold and impact resistant.

Висококвалитетни материјали

Amsafe anti-vibration gloves are made from 100% virgin liner with added Sorbothane layers at the finger and palm areas. These layers absorb certain vibration frequencies for optimal comfort and protection.

As a trusted manufacturer in China, Amsafe uses top-grade polyurethane raw materials sourced from leading brands. The addition of reussin, salt, and nitrile sandy agent materials enhances the comfort and durability of our gloves.

For custom material requirements in your anti-vibration gloves, don’t hesitate to reach out and send your inquiry!

Висококвалитетни материјали
Зошто Amsafe ракавици против вибрации

Why Amsafe Anti-Vibration Gloves?

With over a decade of experience, Amsafe has been supplying top-notch anti-vibration gloves that offer a myriad of benefits. These gloves are designed to be highly durable, limit vibration and shock, and come reinforced with a saddle for maximum longevity.

At Amsafe, we provide a comprehensive solution for all your anti-vibration gloves needs. This not only helps reduce costs but also ensures the highest quality. We are certified by SATAX, ISO, and BSCI and offer Euro standard size gloves ranging from size 3 to 12.

Our factory houses eight production lines, capable of producing an impressive 160,000 pairs per day. This allows Amsafe to meet the demands for mass production of your anti-vibration gloves requirements efficiently.

Elevate your business with Amsafe’s reliable services today!

What Are Anti Vibration Gloves?

Anti-vibration gloves are specialized work gloves designed to reduce the impact of vibrations transmitted to the hands and arms during tasks that involve the use of vibrating tools or machinery. These gloves incorporate materials that absorb and dampen vibrations, helping to protect workers from the potential health risks associated with prolonged vibration exposure.

What Are Anti Vibration Gloves Used For?

Anti-vibration gloves are used by individuals who work with power tools, machinery, or equipment that generate vibrations. They are particularly valuable in industries like construction, manufacturing, and automotive, where prolonged exposure to vibrations can lead to conditions such as Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). These gloves aim to mitigate the risk of vibration-related injuries and enhance the comfort of workers.

What Are The Benefits Of Anti Vibration Gloves?

The benefits of anti-vibration gloves include:

  • Reduced transmission of vibrations, protecting against Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome.

  • Enhanced comfort and grip, leading to improved work performance.

  • Prevention of fatigue and discomfort during prolonged tool use.

  • Potential reduction in workplace injuries and associated costs.

  • Increased overall worker well-being and safety.

Do anti vibration gloves actually work?

Anti-vibration gloves are designed to mitigate the impact of vibrations on the hands and arms, particularly for those working with vibrating tools or machinery. These gloves incorporate specialized materials, such as gel padding and dampening technologies, that help absorb and reduce the transmission of vibrations. While they can offer a degree of protection, their effectiveness can vary based on factors like the intensity and frequency of the vibrations. Proper selection and fit are crucial for optimal performance.

What makes a glove anti vibration?

Anti-vibration gloves are engineered with specialized features to counteract the effects of vibrations. They typically consist of layers of materials that include vibration-absorbing padding, foam, or gel in strategic areas, such as the palms and fingers. These materials work together to dampen and dissipate the energy generated by vibrating tools or equipment, reducing the transfer of vibrations to the wearer’s hands.

Do vibrating gloves help arthritis?

Vibrating gloves are sometimes explored as a potential aid for arthritis due to their ability to stimulate blood flow and provide relief to achy joints. However, the effectiveness of vibrating gloves in alleviating arthritis symptoms can vary from person to person. It’s advisable to consult with a medical professional before using any specialized gloves for arthritis treatment.

Is rubber a good anti vibration?

Rubber can be effective in absorbing and dampening vibrations to a certain extent. It possesses inherent properties that allow it to dissipate vibrational energy. However, in the context of anti-vibration gloves, other materials like specialized gels or foam are often used in combination with rubber to provide enhanced vibration reduction and comfort.

What absorbs vibration the best?

Materials like foam, gel, and elastomers are commonly used to absorb vibrations effectively. These materials are designed to dissipate vibrational energy by converting it into heat. The specific design and composition of these materials play a crucial role in determining their vibration-absorbing capabilities.

How do you protect workers from vibration?

Protection from vibration can be achieved by using anti-vibration gloves, vibration-absorbing insoles, wrist supports, and other specialized PPE. Additionally, employing ergonomic work practices, using well-maintained and properly balanced tools, and adhering to recommended exposure limits can help minimize the risks associated with prolonged vibration exposure.

What Are The Limitations Of Anti Vibration Gloves?

The limitations of anti-vibration gloves include:

  • Effectiveness can vary based on factors like vibration intensity and glove design.

  • Some tasks may require a high level of dexterity, which might be compromised by bulkier gloves.

  • Not a substitute for proper tool maintenance and ergonomic work practices.

  • Not all models may provide sufficient protection against extremely high-frequency vibrations.

  • Individuals with existing medical conditions should consult a healthcare professional for guidance.

Which Features Should You Look For In Anti Vibration Gloves?

When selecting anti-vibration gloves, consider features like:

  • Vibration-absorbing materials (gel, foam, etc.).

  • Adequate padding in key areas (palms, fingers).

  • Secure and adjustable wrist closures.

  • Breathable and comfortable materials for extended wear.

  • Compatibility with the tasks and tools you’ll be using.

How Do You Choose Best Designs Of Anti Vibration Gloves?

To choose the best designs of anti-vibration gloves, assess factors such as the intended tasks, duration of use, and comfort. Look for gloves that offer a balance between effective vibration reduction and the dexterity required for your work. Reading user reviews and seeking recommendations can also help inform your decision.

How Do You Clean And Maintain Anti Vibration Gloves?

Cleaning and maintaining anti-vibration gloves typically involve gentle hand washing using mild soap and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the vibration-absorbing properties. Air dry the gloves away from direct heat sources to maintain their integrity.

Are Anti Vibration Gloves Reusable?

Yes, most anti-vibration gloves are designed to be reusable. However, their durability and effectiveness can diminish over time with prolonged use. Regular inspection and replacement when necessary are important to maintain their protective qualities.

What is the minimum order quantity for Amsafe's anti-vibration gloves?

Amsafe, the anti-vibration gloves manufacturer, offers bulk order quantities with a delivery time frame that varies depending on the size of the order. As a leading supplier, Amsafe’s production capacity allows for timely delivery of large orders.

Do Amsafe's anti-vibration gloves come in different sizes?

Amsafe’s anti-vibration gloves are available in different sizes to cater to varying hand sizes. Additionally, they come in different colors and offer material options such as PVC padding, leather, fingerless, nitrile, shock absorbent, and impact-resistant gloves.

Can Amsafe provide samples of their anti-vibration gloves before placing a bulk order?

Amsafe offers sample requests for their anti-vibration gloves to potential customers who wish to test the quality and fit before placing a bulk order. Additionally, they provide glove customization services to meet specific customer requirements.

Are Amsafe's anti-vibration gloves suitable for use with all types of power tools?

Using Amsafe’s anti-vibration gloves with certain power tools can significantly reduce the risk of injury and Raynaud’s syndrome. User reviews suggest effectiveness varies depending on the tool used. Comparative studies are needed for a more comprehensive evaluation.

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