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Cut Resistant Touch Screen Gloves Manufacturer

For more than 15 years, Amsafe is manufacturing a wide range of gloves that are designed to be cut-resistant and touch screen compatible. We are capable of producing various new styles of cut resistant touch screen gloves to support your business that involves hand safety!

  • BSCI, ISO &, SATAX verified
  • Брза испорака во рок од 30 дена
  • Over 20 CE certificates
  • Offers OEM and OBM services

Amsafe Cut Resistant Touch Screen Gloves

Discover the perfect blend of comfort, protection, and functionality with Amsafe’s Cut Resistant Touch Screen Gloves. Made from high-grade materials, these gloves offer impressive cut resistance without compromising flexibility. The touchscreen compatibility feature allows you to operate electronic devices without removing the gloves, making them ideal for a wide range of industries.

Amsafe’s Cut Resistant Touch Screen Gloves are designed to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic work environments. Offering superior grip, flexibility, and a comfortable fit, these gloves are perfect for tasks that require precision and safety.

Choosing Amsafe’s Cut Resistant Touch Screen Gloves means partnering with a trusted brand known for its commitment to quality and performance. Our dedicated production lines ensure a consistent supply of high-quality gloves, and our BSCI, ISO, and SATAX certifications underline our dedication to maintaining high standards.

At Amsafe, we believe in providing more than just a product; we offer comprehensive hand protection solutions. Trust Amsafe for effective and reliable hand protection and ensure the safety of your workforce.

Choose Amsafe, a brand synonymous with quality and reliability. Make safety a priority with Amsafe’s Cut Resistant Touch Screen Gloves today.

1.pu coated palm cut resistant touch screen work gloves

PU Coated Palm Cut Resistant Gloves are designed for optimal dexterity and safety. They’re touchscreen compatible, offering seamless smartphone use without compromising hand protection.

2.nitrile coated cut resistant touch screen mechanic gloves

Nitrile Coated Cut Resistant Touch Screen Mechanic Gloves are aimed to safeguard from cuts, ensuring optimal grip. Perfect for mechanics, they are also compatible with touchscreen devices.

3.hppe pu coated level5 cut resistant touch screen gloves

HPPE PU Coated Level 5 Gloves offer high cut resistance and touchscreen compatibility. They’re perfect for handling sharp objects safely.

4.level5 touch screen cut resistant work gloves

Level 5 Touch Screen Cut Resistant Work Gloves offer strong protection against cuts while working, and allow for touchscreen device use without removal.

5.polyester cut resistant touchscreen working gloves

Polyester Cut Resistant Touch Screen Working Gloves offer protection against cuts in the workplace, and have the added convenience of touchscreen compatibility, allowing for device use without removal.

Level 5 HPPE Cut Resistant Touch Screen Safety Gloves

Level 5 HPPE Cut Resistant Touch Screen Safety Gloves provide high-level cut resistance and enable you to interact with touchscreen devices without removal. Great for ensuring safety in high-risk environments.

7 Military Touch Screen Cut Resistant Tactical Gloves

Military Touch Screen Cut Resistant Tactical Gloves offer high-level cut protection and touchscreen compatibility, ideal for military and tactical uses.

Dipped Latex Coated Cut Resistant Touch Screen Gloves provide cut resistance, excellent grip, and touchscreen compatibility, ideal for work in various industries.

9.hppe sandy nitrile coated cut resistant touch screen mechanic gloves

HPPE Sandy Nitrile Coated Gloves offer cut resistance, good grip, and touch screen compatibility, ideal for mechanic work.

Компатибилност со екран на допир и отпорен на сечење

As technology rapidly evolves, so should our safety gear. Recognizing this, Amsafe has designed work gloves that not only boast cut-resistant features but can also be used to operate touchscreen technology. This means workers no longer need to remove their gloves to use touch screen devices, combining the convenience of technology with the safety of cut-resistant gloves.

These gloves offer extreme protection while retaining amazing tactility, increasing safety and efficiency across any workplace. Whether you’re scrolling through a digital manual or answering an important call, Amsafe’s cut-resistant touch screen gloves allow you to do it all without sacrificing protection.

As a reliable manufacturer based in China, Amsafe can supply all types of cut-resistant touch screen gloves at highly competitive prices. We stand by the quality of our products, guaranteeing 100% quality that suits the unique needs of your business. Trust Amsafe to deliver safety solutions that keep pace with the demands of the modern workplace.

Компатибилност со екран на допир и отпорен на сечење
Изберете Amsafe ракавици со екран на допир отпорни на сечење

Изберете Amsafe ракавици со екран на допир отпорни на сечење

We offer wholesale cut-resistant and touch screen gloves, customizable to your specifications. Our advanced production lines and packing machines ensure that we fabricate gloves efficiently and safely.

But it’s not just about cut resistance and touch screen compatibility. Our work gloves also boast an array of additional features:

  • UV and water resistance: Protect your employees’ hands from harmful UV rays and keep them dry even in damp conditions.
  • Flexibility and comfort: Designed for prolonged use, our gloves are flexible and comfortable to wear even for extended periods.
  • High-grade materials: We use only high-grade materials to ensure durability and extended glove life.
  • High-strength and durability: Our gloves are designed to withstand tough conditions without tearing or wearing out prematurely.
  • Abrasion resistance: Protect your employees’ hands from abrasions with gloves that stand up to rough materials.
  • Chemical resistance: Excellent for those working with potentially hazardous substances, our gloves offer protection against various chemicals.

Choose Amsafe for cut resistant touch screen gloves that go beyond the basics. Contact us today to find out more about our product range and how we can meet your business needs.

Дали навистина функционираат ракавиците отпорни на сечење?

Yes, cut-resistant gloves are designed to effectively prevent cuts and lacerations. They use specialized materials like Kevlar or Dyneema to provide a protective barrier against sharp objects and blades.

Can you still get cut wearing a cut resistant glove?

While cut-resistant gloves significantly reduce the risk of getting cut, no glove is entirely impenetrable. Depending on the force, sharpness, and angle of contact, there is still a potential for injury when wearing cut-resistant gloves.

What is the difference between cut resistant and cut proof gloves?

Cut-resistant gloves offer high levels of protection against cuts, but they are not entirely cut-proof. The term “cut-proof” can suggest absolute protection, which is not achievable due to the variability of cutting hazards and materials.

Кој тип на ракавици се најдобра заштита од исеченици?

Gloves made from materials like Kevlar, Dyneema, or composite blends are among the best for protection against cuts. These materials offer high levels of cut resistance to safeguard against sharp objects.

How good are Level 5 cut-resistant gloves?

Level 5 cut-resistant gloves offer excellent protection against cuts and sharp objects. They are suitable for tasks involving materials with substantial cutting hazards.

Кога треба да носите ракавици отпорни на сечење?

Cut-resistant gloves should be worn whenever there is a risk of coming into contact with sharp objects or materials that could cause cuts or lacerations. Industries like construction, manufacturing, and food processing commonly use these gloves.

How do I know if my gloves are cut resistant?

Check the glove’s label or packaging for information about its cut resistance level, usually indicated by standards like ANSI or EN. Manufacturers often provide this information to help users make informed choices.

Why wear cut gloves?

Wearing cut-resistant gloves is essential to protect hands from injuries caused by sharp objects or blades. They are crucial in industries where the risk of cuts is high, ensuring worker safety.

What is ANSI Level 4 cut protection?

ANSI Level 4 cut protection indicates a high level of resistance against cuts on a scale from 1 to 5, based on ANSI standards. Gloves with this rating are effective against a range of cutting hazards.

What makes cut-resistant gloves cut-resistant?

Cut-resistant gloves are made from specialized materials that possess high cut resistance properties. These materials, such as Kevlar, Dyneema, or steel mesh, provide a barrier against sharp edges and objects.

Do Kevlar gloves protect against cuts?

Yes, Kevlar gloves are known for their excellent cut resistance properties. They are designed to protect against cuts from sharp objects and blades, making them a popular choice for various applications.

Do nitrile gloves protect cuts?

Nitrile gloves offer some level of protection against cuts, but they might not provide the same high level of cut resistance as gloves made from materials like Kevlar or Dyneema.

Do cut-resistant gloves have metal in them?

Some cut-resistant gloves incorporate metal fibers or mesh to enhance their resistance against sharp edges. However, many modern options use advanced synthetic materials for cut resistance.

Is Kevlar cut proof?

While Kevlar is highly cut-resistant, it is not entirely cut-proof. Kevlar gloves are designed to minimize the risk of cuts, but they might not provide absolute protection against all cutting hazards.

What is the minimum order quantity for OEM and OBM services?

The minimum order quantity for Amsafe’s OEM and OBM services is not provided on their website. However, customization options and pricing structure can be discussed with their sales team.

Can Amsafe customize gloves with company logos or branding?

It is interesting to note that Amsafe, a manufacturer of cut-resistant touch screen gloves, offers customization options for company logos or branding. This branding possibility can enhance brand recognition and promote a sense of professionalism in the workplace.

Are Amsafe's gloves certified for use in hazardous materials handling?

Amsafe’s gloves have safety certifications for hazardous material handling, including EN 374-1:2016, EN 374-5:2016, and EN 420:2003+A1:2009. The certifications validate the gloves’ chemical resistance and permeation, and adherence to safety regulations.

Are Amsafe's gloves suitable for use in extreme temperatures?

To answer the query about extreme temperatures, Amsafe’s gloves offer good heat resistance up to a certain temperature, but their cold resistance is limited. The gloves’ specific heat and cold resistance levels depend on the material used to manufacture them.

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