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Garden Gloves Manufacturer

Amsafe is an ISO, BSCI, and SATAX verified factory providing high-quality garden gloves. We provide a one-stop supply-chain that ensures quality and affordable cost. Expert engineers guarantee the quality of every stage of garden gloves development.

  • Over 15 years of garden gloves manufacturing experience
  • Utilize 100% virgin raw material
  • Offer a complimentary third QC test report
  • Fast lead time within 30 days

Amsafe Garden Gloves

Amsafe garden gloves have excellent grip and multiple functions. That makes it ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor horticultural tasks. Garden gloves protect the growth of algae and fungi, odors, and lower dust mites. Moreover, provide long-term material protection to polymers and paints.

Garden gloves come in sizes ranging from small children to large adults. Selection of colors, patterns, materials, and designs are available. Amsafe line of wholesale garden gloves is both fashionable and functional. There is a variety of technical design elements to make these gloves quite comfortable to wear. Gardening gloves are ideal for weeding, planting, and general garden work.

01.garden gloves with claws

The garden gloves have built-in claws for planting, digging, and raking. Claws are made of tough ABS plastic. Gloves are puncture-resistant. Easy to clean and keep hands dry. One-stop solution for all your gardening needs.

02.garden gloves blue

Garden gloves are available in blue color. It is a versatile, comfortable glove that provides the best grip in any situation. Ideal for a variety of tasks, including gardening and domestic duties. Excellently fit and flexible.

02.garden gloves blue

The heavy-duty garden hand gloves are ergonomically engineered for a more comfortable experience. It has seamless polyester cotton lining, crinkle finish for better grip, plush breathable open back.

04.women garden gloves

Women’s garden gloves come in the most comprehensive variety. These gardening gloves are well-fitted, long-lasting, functional, and fashionable. They’re also machine washable to keep them looking sharp.

05.leather garden gloves

Leather garden gloves are made to be most comfortable, attractive, and protective. Provide the best protection and thorn resistance. It is manufactured from top-grain domestic leather that has been rubbed to a suede finish for a soft, supple feel.

06.rubber garden gloves

Rubber garden gloves are available in various sizes. It is breathable and included with extra palm padding. Multi-functional to be added. Gives optimum protection when doing house jobs. Ergonomically constructed for increased comfort.

07.bamboo garden gloves

The bamboo garden gloves are breathable, soft, light, and moisture-wicking. It has a great wet and dry grip – quite comfortable to wear. Ideal for any job. Available in all sizes, from small to x-large sizes.

08.nitrile gloves for gardening

Nitrile gloves for gardening last as long as leather. These types of gloves are quite durable. For precision activities like pruning and trimming, these second-skin gloves are ideal. Offers a secure grip and increases anti-slip, anti-vibration, and waterproof properties.

09.polyester garden gloves

The polyester garden gloves are constructed of soft polyester. The palm has a nitrile coating for long-term durability and dependability. These gloves are comfortable to wear for long periods.

Garden Gloves Types

Amsafe gardening gloves are essential tools to keep hands from chapped, scrapped, and blistered skin. It can protect from infections accidents and offers maximum grip even in wet conditions. There are different types of gardening gloves:

  • Claw fingers
  • Forearm protection
  • Extra grip capability
  • Водоотпорни ракавици
  • Bionic gardening gloves, Etc.
Garden Gloves Types


Garden gloves are made from high-performance materials for broad applications. Amsafe produces garden gloves with economical price and general-purpose use.

It offers a perfect balance of durability, comfort, flexibility, and protection. The Garden glove is lightweight, making it the best for handyman tasks, housework, or general gardening projects.

What type of gloves are best for gardening?

Gardening gloves crafted from resilient materials such as leather, nitrile, or latex are widely regarded as optimal for gardening pursuits. These gloves offer shielding against cuts, abrasions, and thorns, all the while preserving one’s dexterity.

What gloves to wear when pulling weeds with thorns?

For pulling weeds with thorns, consider using puncture-resistant gloves made from materials like leather or nitrile. These gloves offer protection against thorns and sharp plant parts.

What gardening gloves are good for sweaty hands?

Gardening gloves with breathable materials like cotton or synthetic blends are suitable for sweaty hands. Look for gloves that wick moisture away and allow air circulation.

What gloves are best for cutting grass?

For the task of cutting grass, gloves that possess both a firm grip and effective blister protection are deemed ideal. Optimal options include leather or synthetic gloves with reinforced palms, as they offer the necessary safeguarding required for this activity.

Should gardening gloves be tight?

Gardening gloves should have a snug but comfortable fit. Gloves that are too tight can restrict movement and blood flow, while those too loose may hinder dexterity.

Is it OK to garden without gloves?

Although it is technically feasible to engage in gardening without donning gloves, it is advisable to wear them as they provide a shield against cuts, blisters, thorns, as well as potential exposure to hazardous substances or insects.

How do I protect my hands when gardening?

In order to safeguard your hands during the gardening endeavor, it is advisable to don gloves that offer ample coverage and shielding against thorns, chemicals, and abrasions. Additionally, maintaining well-trimmed nails and contemplating the use of hand cream can aid in preventing dryness.

Are there thorn proof gardening gloves?

Yes, there are thorn-proof gardening gloves made from materials like leather or synthetic blends that provide protection against thorns and prickly plants.

Are nitrile coated gloves good for gardening?

Nitrile-coated gloves can indeed prove advantageous for gardening endeavors, particularly when engaging in activities that necessitate handling damp soil or utilizing chemicals. These gloves offer a commendable grip and effectively shield against moisture, thus enhancing the gardening experience.

What is the best material for landscaping gloves?

When it comes to landscaping gloves, leather and synthetic materials, such as nitrile, are widely regarded as the optimal choices. These materials not only provide durability and protection but also offer a commendable grip, thereby facilitating the execution of a myriad of landscaping tasks.

Are rubber gloves good for pulling weeds?

Rubber gloves may offer protection against moisture but might not be the best choice for pulling weeds with thorns. Consider gloves with puncture-resistant materials for this task.

What size gardening gloves do I need?

To determine your gardening glove size, measure your hand circumference and consult the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. Gloves that fit snugly but allow movement are ideal.

Are disposable gloves good for gardening?

Disposable gloves can be used for light gardening tasks, but they may not provide sufficient durability for heavy-duty work or protection against thorns and sharp objects.

Can I use latex gloves for gardening?

Latex gloves can be used for gardening, but nitrile gloves are often a better choice due to their resistance to punctures, chemicals, and allergies.

How do you keep garden gloves clean?

To keep garden gloves clean, wash them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid exposing leather gloves to excessive moisture and store them in a dry place.

Are Amsafe's garden gloves suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies?

Amsafe presents a diverse array of garden gloves crafted from an assortment of materials, including leather, nitrile, polyester, and rubber. Nonetheless, individuals with sensitivity concerns would be wise to seek counsel from a medical professional prior to utilizing any gardening gloves.

What is the warranty period for Amsafe's garden gloves?

While the exact duration of Amsafe’s garden gloves warranty remains undisclosed, the company ensures durability expectations through the utilization of 100% virgin raw materials, incorporation of technical design elements, and reliance on third-party quality control test reports. These measures guarantee long-term preservation for polymers and paints.

Can Amsafe's garden gloves be used for heavy-duty tasks like pruning or cutting?

Amsafe’s garden gloves exhibit exceptional cutting durability, facilitating comfort during pruning tasks. Their technical design elements effectively safeguard against scrapes, blisters, and infections. The utilization of specialized garden gloves, such as those offered by Amsafe, becomes imperative for proper hand protection during gardening endeavors.

Does Amsafe offer customization options for their garden gloves?

Amsafe extends the option of customization for their garden gloves, allowing for personalized designs tailored to meet the distinct requirements of their clientele. This technical feature heightens the advantages of employing specialized garden gloves, which provide indispensable hand protection and a gratifying gardening experience.

What is the recommended way to store and maintain Amsafe's garden gloves?

To uphold the longevity of Amsafe’s garden gloves, appropriate storage practices assume paramount importance in order to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, as well as to avert moisture-induced damage. Storing the gloves in a cool and dry location, shielded from direct sunlight, is highly recommended. Regular cleaning and air drying following use also serve to extend the gloves’ lifespan.

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